Polyglot Press


Polyglot brings scarce hard-to-find literary and historical works back into print for scholars, libraries and the general public.

We give special thanks to sponsors, volunteers, cooperating institutions and individual contributors who made original editions available.

All Polyglot titles are available in large print in trade paperback, hardbound and library bindings.

Please browse our Horatio Alger, Jr., G.A. Henty and F. Marion Crawford Collections.

Upcoming Collections include 19th Century American and British authors Louisa May Alcott; Thomas Bailey Aldrich; Victor Appleton; Jane Austen; R.M. Ballantyne; John Kendrick Bangs; L. Frank Baum; Aphra Behn; Ambrose Bierce; Anne, Charlotte & Emily Bronte; Edward George Bulwer-Lytton; Edgar Rice Burroughs; Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain); James Fennimore Cooper; Daniel Defoe; Charles Dickens; Arthur Conan Doyle; George Eliot; Henry Fielding; James Galsworthy; Zane Grey; George B. Grinnell; Thomas Hardy; Bret Harte; Nathaniel Hawthorne; William Henry Giles Kingston; Rudyard Kipling; George Lippard; Jack London; Frederick Marryat; John Muir, Francis Parkman, Jr.; Edgar Allan Poe; William Sidney Porter (O. Henry); Theodore Roosevelt; Rafael Sabatini; Sir Walter Scott; Robert Louis Stevenson; Anthony Trollope; Jules Verne; Lew Wallace; H.G. Wells; Edith Wharton; and Owen Wister.

For Further Information: mailto: information@polyglotpress.com

Polyglot Press, the portrayal of a parrot on a perch, THE WORDS "CUSTOM TYPESET" and the portrayal of a magnifying glass with the words “high legibility FONT” in the lens are all trademarks (tm) of Polyglot Press, Inc.

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